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Shipping / Delivery / Collection Policy



The time or date on which the Goods will be delivered is up to 5 weeks for glass doors and 6 weeks for wood doors from the date the full payment has reached the Seller’s bank account and the customer has given the final measurements.

From the moment the Goods are in Seller’s warehouse, the Seller will offer the Buyer a slot of 5 working days to receive the Goods. The Buyer can choose 2 working days within the 5 days given for delivery of the Goods. The delivery date has to be agreed by both parties.

If the Buyer fails to accept one of the 5 days offered for delivery then, the Seller can provide storage for goods at extra charges. Storage costs are according to the Seller’s terms and conditions and are not included in the Sales Contract.

The Seller will not store the Goods for an unlimited period and will offer the Buyer the possibility to pick up the Goods. 

Depending on the type of contract the delivery can be done in 2 ways:


  1. Direct delivery from German factory to the Buyer: The Goods will be delivered by a specialized transport company, packed on an individual pallet, to be transported with a special packing system for doors. The delivery is done in a drop at the curb side system were the pallet will be delivered with a truck which will park as close as possible to the location specified in the Quotation and agreed by the Buyer. In this situation the Buyer has the obligation to prepare for unloading the pallet by insuring enough manpower for the manual unloading or forklift for automatic unloading. The Buyer is responsible for the inspection and inventory of The Goods received and specified on the delivery documentation. Future inspection claims won’t be accepted. The Buyer has a 30 minutes slot from the arrival of the truck to unload and inspect The Goods received. The booking of the delivery will be done in advance by the transport company at the time convenient to The Buyer. Any delays created by The Buyer to the transport company and any help received by The Buyer from the transport company will be charged afterwards. From the moment the Goods are unloaded from the truck become the Buyer responsibility. It is the Buyer’s obligation to check the pallet for any sign of damage before unloading. If the packing material from the pallet shows any sign of damage, the Buyer is advised to take pictures if possible and note all the details on the delivery note of the transport company. Failing to note the visible damage on the delivery note means that the Buyer Accept the Goods with any damage may present and is taking responsibility for it, without to be cover by The Seller guaranty policy. If there are any faults in the Goods which are discovered after unpacking the pallet, this will be treated separately directly by the Seller without any involvement from the transport company. Is the Buyer responsibility to check if the Goods received are the ones ordered. If the Buyer installs or uses the received Goods, even if those aren’t the ones ordered, the Buyer needs to pay for them or agrees to keep those Goods.

      2. Optimize delivery: The Goods will be delivered by the transport company to the Seller storage were will be inspected and inventoried by an authorized personnel of the Seller. The delivery to the Buyer will be done with one of Sellers vans based on booking done in advance at a date and time convenient to the client and based on the availability of the delivery team of The Seller. The Goods will be delivered, arranged and stored as the client requests and to the location specified in the Quotation and agreed by The Buyer. Until The Goods are stored on The Buyer property and checked together with The Buyer, The Seller is responsible for any damaged that might occur. The Buyer is responsible for The Goods only after he received the delivery. For this form of delivery there are no cost of storage involved.


This form of delivery is available only for certain locations (please check the available locations with one of our sales representatives). This form of delivery can delay the initial term of delivery up to one week without attracting penalties for The Seller.

If the Buyer refuses to sign the delivery paperwork, the warranty will be declared void and Doors4UK have the right to act against the Buyer. The Buyer is losing the right to raise any claim against the Goods received. If they are any faults or differences of the received Goods, the Buyer has the responsibility to notify them in the paperwork.

Delays in delivery does not constitute the reason of canceling the contract.

The doors will be delivered by pallet, therefore please examine doors before the driver leaves, as you will be asked to sign for the correct amount of goods IN GOOD CONDITION. The doors must be checked and if any damage is present the signed docket MUST BE NOTED AS DAMAGED. The carriers or we cannot be responsible for complaints on condition or shortages after this event. It is not acceptable to sign ‘UNCHECKED’. Any defects must be notified to ourselves at [email protected] within 72 hours of Goods received. No claims of damage will be considered after this date.



Due to the above regulations, when a delivery involves FIRE DOORS or GLAZED/GLASS DOORS, there must be help on site, as the handling of same requires two persons. If this is not adhered to, we will need to re-deliver the order, which will unfortunately involve additional costs.


In the case of collection by customer from our premises, goods must be examined before loading, as damage can easily occur while transporting goods in or on unsuitable transport.


Prior to commencing any work on your doors, please check for faults: a bow of 4mm along the length of the door shall be deemed to be within the manufactured and BSS tolerances.


By fitting or finishing your door or making alterations in any way, we shall deem you to have accepted the goods supplied. We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or expense arising out of or because of any defect in our product, or bad workmanship applied to our products.

In the unlikely event of our goods proving defective (Manufacturer’s defect only) which need replacement, our liability shall not exceed the replacement of faulty goods. N.B. Claims are unacceptable after work has commenced and any alterations have been carried out.

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