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Fire Rated Interior Doors

Fire Rated Interior Doors

Doors are constructed of many different materials and methods these days and so will burn at different rates. Therefore they will provide different levels of protection against the spread of fire but what the consumer needs when purchasing fire safety products is reliable consistency. Something that can give the purchaser peace of mind that the label boasting a products safety credentials is something rigorously tested, meticulously enforced and therefore worth having. With this in mind there was a need for the authorities to regulate and certificate different doors regarding their fire protection properties. They needed to apply minimum standards for the branding of fire resistant doors as part of UK building regulations to reduce the confusion for consumers and building managers.

Fire rated doors have several features. This door had undergone rigorous testing that it tends it ensure the promised resistance against the fire. It is also given the high rating depends on the time that it can hold the fire to prevent from spreading to another building.

The Purposes of Having Fire Rated Doors

  • This door helps to prevent smoke diffusion and other harmful gases in one part of the establishment to another building. This means that you are free from the hazards that are brought about fires and arsons. Whether there is literally fire in the building or outside, you never have to worry about inhaling all those fumes. But more importantly, the effects won’t affect your home or structure.
  • Fire rated doors prevent the entry of the oxygen into some areas that are affected by the fire so that the fire will not get spread and further fed. Therefore, there is no reason for the fire to completely rummage adjacent buildings or structures. You are then free from any untoward incidents when one of your neighboring structures are in fire. Conversely, if your place is on fire, your neighbors are also free from the same effects.
  • Reliable and long lasting. Because of its top quality design, these doors don’t easily get damaged or of course, burned. You can therefore enjoy its lasting performance at its best condition.
  • Money saving. Because these doors are meant to last a lifetime, you can save bigtime! You never have to worry replacements and all other maintenance issues because they are tough enough to prevent fires as well as gases from creeping into the side gaps. Thus, you are actually investing on something really valuable.

Looking at the above purposes of the fire rated doors, you can easily say that one major benefit of that door is the safety and security of the people using it from harm chemicals and most especially the dreaded effects of the fire. When looking for doors, get the fire rated doors.

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